grilling hamburgers. how do I keep them from drying out?

America loves hamburgers.  As the temperature in Houston begins to climb to the mid 70’s again, I can only think spring is soon on the way.   To me, spring means; picnics, baseball, visits to the beach, and back yard bbq’s.  All American pastimes.  And I don’t think I can have any of these memories without associating grilling hamburgers.  In this video we tackle the number one pain point we all suffer when grilling hamburgers – how to grill a burger with out turning them into dry hockey pucks.

grilled hamburger with fries topped with lettuce tomato guacamole Monterey jack cheese


8 Responses to “grilling hamburgers. how do I keep them from drying out?”

  1. kcgreen says:

    Yummy! You have me majorly hankering for a juicy hamburger! Now that is what I call AMAZING! You guys are incredible! Steve was cute too. Did you cook a burger for him too? kcg :)

  2. Kevin H. says:

    Hey Adam! Great beer to feature on this one! I’m a big Stone fan myself. Have you ever had the opportunity to try a Double Bastard?

  3. Laura says:

    Hey, what happened to the little lizard buddy that you were wearing on your shoulder?! I hope he didn’t fall into the fire!!

    Great looking hamburger–great tip on keeping the meat moist and juicy. I will definitely try that next time! Can’t wait to see how you cooked your fries!

    • Laura – no worries! It was still a bit chilly outside, so Steve (the bearded dragon) had a stunt double. A rubber lizard… who did end up falling in the fire… Stay tuned for the out take reel coming in the future!

  4. Holly Allen says:

    Great Video Adam. My first one to watch and i think i learned something! You explained everything really well! I also like how you gave some helpful tips on things like, the indention in the middle of the burger. Really good!

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