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Hey folks, Adam here. This was always a fun blog for me and Stef. We started out so amateur but discovered and learned so much just by doing this blog. It was more of a personal growth exercise than anything else. We often look back at our old posts, cringe, and un-post.  🙂 And our YouTube channel is so taken down.  How embarrassing.

Free Paleo Quick Start Guide to Losing WeightNow you probably noticed there has not been a post in many months. The main reason is that I have taken a different angle on food and health lately – more specifically, I’ve discovered the Paleo diet. It’s been great. Not only have I lost 50 pounds, but I cleared up some chronic health problems that I thought I was stuck with for life. I encourage you to check out my new blog to learn more and see my success. I have some recipes posted too!

<– I also created a free Paleo book, or ebook, that is available for download.

Cheers! And best wishes in the new year!