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Stanton's City Bites - Miss. PiggieWe stopped into Stanton’s for a quick burger, I’ve seen the great reviews and the kids were jonesing for a burger. Why not give it a try and I could knock out another Houston restaurant review.

The inside is comfy and casual – feels like you just stepped into a retro diner. The menu is stacked with mouthwatering, heart clogging goodness. All burgers are 1/2 pound and they ALL come with bacon (except the Original). There’s a pretty good line up – here’s a few:

luke skyburger
deep-fried bacon, fresh garlic sauteed spinach, grilled mushrooms, provolone.
chili cheeseburger
house chili, house habanero mustard, bacon, grilled onions, american cheese.
cowboy brunch
fried egg, house fried pickles, grilled onions, bacon, swiss, american cheese, mayo,mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, texas toast.
2X fried onion rings, bacon, american cheese, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles.
miss piggie
freshly ground bacon and beef patty, house candied bacon, hash brown, cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes.
2X 1/2Lb Beef patties, 1/4Lb of bacon, 4X american cheese, house monster sauce, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, purple onions.

You get the point? We ordered the Miss. Piggie and a bowl of Chili. Adam and I are trying to stick to gluten-free, which is why we opted for Chili. It’s not the kind of place you order a ‘burger no bun’. My inner fat kid really wanted to try a Cowboy Brunch!

After ordering we were told it would be 20 – 30 mins. They had run of out of bacon and were just now cooking a big batch. Ok…so much for the quick stop in. We decided it was worth the wait and sat down at a booth.

The food ended up taking about 45 mins – which was frustrating. They brought out the burger and one bowl of chili. Then about 15 mins later the other bowl of chili. We ended up just splitting the first one and took the other to-go. I stole a  bite of Drew’s Miss. Piggie and it was darn good, in that really greasy-guilty-I-shouldn’t-be-eating-this kind of way. The hash brown was a nice touch and the candied bacon gave it a sweet and savory flavor. It was definitely hangover, greasy food, and I’m not sure I could have eaten the whole thing.

Miss. Piggie: freshly ground bacon and beef patty, house candied bacon, hash brown, cheddar

Don’t waste your time on the chili. Needed salt and hot sauce, not to mention they wouldn’t give me extra onions. Really?! The waiter just said, “It already had extra onions on it”. That’s not the point, I wanted more. Anyway, wasn’t going to argue, just wanted to eat and go at this point.

The customer service could have been better, but I guess I’ll give them a break since they were behind with the bacon shortage.

All in all – come here if you want to indulge in a big greasy burger.

Stanton's City Bites - Miss Piggie 2      Stanton's City Bites - Chili

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