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So, I told Adam sometime back, “make me this for valentines“. How he ever remembered, I will not know, but he did!

We had an extremely hectic valentines weekend planned: I hosted a party friday night, the ADDY’s on saturday and a chill/clean day on Sunday (valentines). Since we’re both on a budget, we vowed to keep it simple, nothing much at all. After waking up and getting the house in order, Adam asks if i can stay in the living room for a while, that he was going to make my “valentine’s present”. I was perplexed, but of course said “yes”, and started to rack through my brain of what it could possibly be. Bunuelos? no! Eggs Benedict? no! Pancakes? no! Tacos? no! Gee, is it even breakfast? Yes….sorta, no, well I dont know!!!

ok, ok, ok I would just wait!

About a half hour later, Adam hollars from the kitchen, “you ready?” Umm, of course!!! And in enters the Valentine’s Panini!! It was TO-DIE-FOR!!



I remember tasting a Monte Cristo once at a Bennigan’s, (eww I know..and aren’t they shut down now? Out of busoness?) It was ok – definitely unique, but completely over fried and greasy. This panini was perfect, jaw dropping, finger licking GOOD! When he first brought it out all I saw was the pastry and sugar. But once you take a bite you discover the succulent ham and swiss cheese that make this dish beyond superb! The salty and bold flavors you find in ham/swiss balances perfectly with the sugar and jam so well, that I’m almost at a loss for words.

I promise you, a Monte Cristo should not be missed, and if you have not had one…hurry out and get a panini maker and try it yourself!

Adam – thank you so much for the scrumptious and thoughtful sandwich. I cannot believe you remembered after so long. And THANK YOU for the permanent panini maker we have now, many more delicious sandwiches to come!


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