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Adam & Stef – Founders

No, we are not executive chefs at a local restaurant, nor do we have a training or a cooking background.  We represent most people out there – real people that enjoy food and just love to cook.  We absolutely have an appreciation for fine dining and our favorite top tier chefs.  Though we are realistic enough to realize it’s not all about that.  Let’s face it, unless it’s a career – most of us don’t have time to get the training needed to appear on Food Network.  To the majority of the world, the network TV shows are probably more discouraging than encouraging.  I have news for you, not everyone can cook for the New York Times top critics.  But, everyone can cook.  And YOU can cook how YOU like.  It’s not about following a recipe, but rather about you having control!  A recipe doesn’t mean it’s perfect or right for you.  We find 99% of recipes aren’t right for me, and we have to modify.  We modify by adding heat, more season, local flavors and even more salt.  We may not all be top chefs, but we all know what we like.

We have our favorite 4 and 5 star restaurants.  We have chefs we absolutely admire, look up to, and try to learn from (ahem, Chef John Ly @stratahouston).  Think of every chef you come across as a mentor and someone that can show you new things and techniques.

Cooking is like a sport.  We aren’t professional players – but we all like to have fun and play.  Can I ever be a major league baseball player?  I have a better chance of sprouting eagle wings and playing lead vocals for Lynard Skynard.  But I do learn from watching the pros and I try to incorporate that into my everyday style.

Just have the confidence to do it.  You are your only critic, if you don’t like something you made – identify what you don’t like and do it again.  Sheesh – I am STILL trying to make my brisket right…!

So, with that said, Hungry in Houston is a blog for food lovers, people wanting to learn how to cook, and anyone who just likes food.  Here we will share basic cooking techniques that we picked up and how to take simple dishes and make them GREAT.  We will share reviews of restaurants and local grocery shopping (think farmer’s market and specialty grocers). We will post seductive photos of the food we cook – and anything else food.  So stay tuned!

About Adam:


Adam and Stef Brower

I have an incredible gift. I am able to imagine and concoct recipes, spices, blends etc completely in my head. It’s like having “The Force” of cooking. I can predict if it will work or not prior to doing it. Stef always asks, “how did you come up with something so good?” I simply respond, “It made sense in my head.” It all started a long time ago with throwing a steak on the grill (and getting pretty dang good at it).  I really liked food.  More specifically, I loved intense flavors and heat.  It wasn’t until just last year I saw and episode of Grill It! with Bobby Flay.  I immediately thought, “this guy cooks exactly how I envisioned cooking should be!”  And he began to show me how.  From there I was hooked.  Then because I am such both a left side and right side brain thinker, I immediately took to Alton Brown.  His scientific knowledge coupled with his brilliant creativity was instantly intriguing. And now I’m a Jedi like my father before me.

By day, I am just technology geek (and a damn witty, fun, attractive one) that has spent most of his career in interactive development and marketing.  And I was once on channel 2 news as Houston’s biggest Star Wars fan… :-/  But that was a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

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About Stef:

I have always loved food. From the day I was born, I would eat anything put in front of me. Let’s say…I am the polar opposite to a picky person. I literally have had 1 thing that i remember not liking (the liver my grandfather ordered from Luby’s).

I also love to travel, so I’ve gotten the chance to fall in love with some pretty amazing cuisine.

I would much rather prefer to eat at home rather than eat out and get a hit or miss mediocre meal. I like to try new things, so I am always experimenting in the kitchen.  I have an obsession with soups and salads, so I make those a LOT – all different kinds. (ask my co-workers, I am the salad queen, EVERY day for lunch I chop and make a fresh salad in the kitchen)

The perfect afternoon is digesting an issue of Cook’s Country or Cook’s Illustrated and watching PBS cooking shows (a la Tommy Tang, Hubert Keller).

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About Rishi:

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