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I love thai food, it could very well be my favorite cuisine…actually, I’m pretty sure it is. I spent several months backpacking South East Asia, with a large portion of that being in Thailand. I spent many afternoons in a squatty little hole in the wall putting back a Beer Chang and slurping Tom Yum and Green Curry with Thai Eggplant, so spicy I thought I was going to hallucinate…so spicy, but SO good.

I’m always up for Thai food and since we don’t live in, or too near the city any more (30 miles can be quite the trek) I’m pleased to say I’ve found an amazing place near us that will fulfill my hankering. Enter: Anothai.

They have a few locations in the Cypress / Houston area, but the ones I visit is on Skinner. My husband and I pretty much fell in love with it from the beginning, and we’ve made it a point to try lots of different menu items, let me tell you – they are legit. This is from-scratch with all the good and proper herbs. Lots of basil, cilantro, lemongrass, galangal, bamboo shoot oh my! You can order extra spicy, and they get it right, which so many places don’t – so that is appreciated.

And yes, they serve Beer Chang to wash it all down. And while you wait for your delicious food, get to coloring on the tables, they’re covered with butcher paper and each table has a cup of crayons, it’s fun – we goof off, place tic-tac-toe and doodle.

Below is a sampling of the excellent food we’ve had – but if I had to pick my very favorite – it would be the Roasted Duck Red Curry. The wings are phenomenal – and if you know my husband, he is a wing freak, but these are ‘Adam Approved’, crispy, juicy and perfect heat. Can’t stress enough, they really use authentic flavors – this is no ‘Americanized’ Thai food.

So go, enjoy and let me know how you like it.

Cheers, Stef


Locations: 4, with a 5th coming. For addresses, see here.

Thai Chicken Wings


Roasted Duck Red Curry


Sweet & Sour Chicken


Fresh Spring Roll


Seafood Salad

Green Curry with Duck

Papaya Salad