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katarobatachopsticks-300x300-1We typically use chopsticks at our local asian restaurants. However, I am beginning to notice that even Chinese restaurants are only supplying chopsticks by request. I want this trend to reverse and we use chopsticks for everything, beyond asian food. I think all restaurants should supply chopsticks upon request. Why not? Why should it be limited? Chopsticks are superior to forks. Before you dismiss this, let me admit there is a learning curve before you achieve that level 38 sans-fork status. Now, of course their are exceptions, but once you master the technique you will begin to use chopsticks more and more, especially cooking. Mixing sauces or whisking an egg is much easier for me than using a whisk or a fork. Also, turning and flipping items when cooking, chopsticks are more fast and accurate.

kaneyama-houston-sushi-300x224-1The main reason I prefer chopsticks is for taste. I have learned that you don’t get that metallic taste in your mouth a fork will give off, especially when eating beef.  I don’t have anything against forks, but I have come to prefer non-metal utensils. Notice asian soup spoons are typically plastic or porcelain. Even Indians primarily eat with their hands to preserve taste.

There is also an elegance to chopsticks.  They help pace you as you eat and keep you from shoveling copious amounts of food at a time. I think a lot of Americans have problems with chopsticks because they are doing it wrong. I see people trying to eat their nigiri with chopsticks.  Nigiri is finger food, not to be used with chopsticks. …The proper way on how to eat nigiri could be a whole new blog post.

Chopstick Dont’s:

  • Do not rub your chopsticks together, they are fine. If they don’t look fine, ask for a new set.
  • Do not put your chopsticks in your glass of water. That doesn’t do anything but make you look silly.
  • Do not stab your chopsticks into your rice and leave them there. That’s a symbol of bad luck in Japan.
  • Do not shove your chopsticks between your lip and teeth insinuating two huge fangs.
  • Do not hover over food with your chopsticks while deciding on what to take.
  • Do not use your chopsticks as a shovel to shove noodles in your mouth while sipping from a soup bowl.
  • Do not use a single chopstick in place of a fork.

mixingwithchopsticks-300x225-1I use chopsticks often, but now I think I should always be prepared with my own chopsticks and move away from metallic utensils.

Stay hungry, Houston, and keep it classy with chopsticks. I would share an image or link on how to use chopsticks, but I learned back in High School by following the instructions on a chopsticks wrapper.  It’s not hard, just put it into practice. And keep in mind, you can grab AND scoop with chopsticks.