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I’m a salad lover, any salad I’ll take it.

I love salad so much, that I once made my husband drive our rental car in NYC rush hour, just so I could stop at my coveted Chop’t before heading to the airport. You don’t know Chop’t? Well you need to. (this needs it’s own blog, but for now, just check it out). Wedge, Seafood, Papaya, Tuna, Greek…you make it a salad and I will eat it. My husband thinks I’m crazy because he get’s so tired of salad – but I guess I just love the variation and the endless possibilities. Crunchy lettuce (iceberg, romaine, spinach, endive, kale), TONs of herbs (basil, cilantro, mint, dill), fresh lemon, lime, olive oil, sea salt, yummm! Then of course top with protein of your choice and the usual buffet of toppings: olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, purple onion, mushrooms…I could go on forever.

But seriously, take me anywhere and I think I can be happy ordering a salad. Well…except for those small-town diners that only offer house salads consisting of: iceberg, pre-shredded cheddar and ranch…I need a little more variety than that.

So, I’ve been going to Barnaby’s since my college days living in the ‘trose (that’s Montrose for those of you not in the know) 😉 To me, Barnaby’s has always been that reliable, friendly, neighborhood cafe that makes the darndest good food. It’s a neighborhood staple that ALL of Houston needs to know about. It’s a cozy, ‘feels-like-home’, cafe with a wide variety of menu items sure to hit the spot.

I’ve tried quite a bit there, don’t get my wrong, it’s not JUST their salads – everything is good. Ribs, meatloaf, burgers…but to me, the salads are out of this world. They’re so unique and diverse in flavor that I just can’t get enough. Seriously…Lebanese Chicken Fattoush, who came up with this? Its AMAZING, the mint and sumac…drool. Sausalito Chicken Crunch Salad – jicama, queso fresco! Chinese Chicken Salad..NOT like you’ve had it before.

So for real, if you love salad, go to Barnaby’s NOW, and even if you don’t love salad STILL go because I promise you will fall in love with this place. Oh and one last thing to add – the portions are gi-normous. SO much for your money. The salads are EASILY 2 full meals and everything is seriously overly generous. Love that…because I love food…lots of it.

Cheers, Stef

So cute, huh?

Bottom: Sausalito Crunch; Top: Chinese Chicken *I grabbed the cilantro from the Chinese Chicken and put it on my Sausalito, not how they served it, but it worked for me*