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it was a saturday afternoon and re-run’s of diners, drive-ins and dives was on in the background. all of the sudden, i hear guy mention rosenberg, tx and i thought, “hey, that’s right by me” (having just moved back to sugar land). i was suddenly interested in the segment and paused to see what the fuss was all about.

bob’s taco station in downtown rosenberg,tx (if you can even call if a downtown) was the feature and guy was raving over their homemade tortillas, fresh ingredients, perfect spices/seasonings and greasy mexican goodness. mmmm, sounded right up my ally! how could i have grown up in sugar land and have never heard of bob’s tacos?! i had a sudden urge to try it out. i went to bed that night dreaming of the smell of cumin and taste of beef, i knew exactly where i would be come sunday morning.

we arrived at bob’s on sunday, around 10, it was crowded, but there wasnt a wait just yet. we were seated right by the door – and on this chilly morning, was not the best seat in the house. but at this point, chill factor was the least of my worries. i was ready to get my grub on. we ordered some chips and salsa to tide us over and i was very pleased with their salsa – wonderful! they also offer a bottle of hot sauce on the table, which was impeccable! so good, we bought a bottle to take home!

i salivated over the menu and finally settled on chicharron guisado (traditional pork with tomato sauce) served with beans, potatoes and tortillas.

it was really good. hearty and greasy just like a mexican breakfast should be. the potatoes were sub-par, but the things that mattered where spot on: tortillas, re-fried beans, and marinated, tender pork! (droooool)

adam ordered a medley of tacos:

– chorizo & egg

– barbacoa

– country sausage & egg


the tacos were phenomenal! the barbacoa meat was so wonderfully flavored it far surpassed the usual favorites we used to frequent (la tapatia, chapultepec). the hot sauce i mentioned before, yea, adam used that to dredge his tacos in, and he says it made all the difference in the world. the tacos were good before, but the fresh, homemade, spicy flavor of the salsa was un-matched by any we had ever tasted. in addition to the salsa, the other one up bob’s has on others is the perfectness of the homemade tortilla.

so when you’re hungry for that perfect taco and home cooked authentic cuisine – make sure you head down south for some delicious, not to missed mexican goodness!

stay hungry houston!