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I have two beautiful children.  And when I have a chance to cook for them, I want it to be a unique event.  Whether we are cooking breakfast, lunch or dinner – I want them to grow up learning and knowing that there is more out there than pulling pre-made waffles from the freezer or settling with taco seasoning from the package – which, by the way, is made for the lowest common denominator of tastes.  We are foodies!  We will not settle for sub-par prepackaged mediocre food!

Living in Houston, you grow to love Mexican or Spanish influenced food (why do you think I eat so many peppers?).  A traditional Mexican breakfast doesn’t always mean eggs and salsa or taquitos.  There is another side that caters to that familiar craving we get for a sweet breakfast.  We find this in Buñuelos.  You may know them as a more closely related cousin, the fritter.


Note:  I won’t typically repost the recipe because I hardly fallow recipes. Typically I will search for a recipe to act as a baseline and modify myself.  Remember you have a unique taste, so make it for you and who you are cooking for.

The best part of making buñuelos is that you probably have all the ingredients to do it right now.  This batch, all I needed was: eggs, sugar, flour, salt, cinnamon, vegetable oil, and orange zest, butter, and brown sugar.


Then it’s just a matter of creating the batter and putting it in the hot oil.



Once removed from the oil, shake with the sugar and cinnamon to coat.

Buñuelos is an easy, yet delightful, breakfast that is sure to impress.  This being the first time to actually make them, I was amazed at the first success.  The outside was slightly crispy, where the inside was surprising light and airy.  The hint of orange zest added a secret ingredient that helped complete a flavor experience your palette is sure to appreciate.

Posted by:  Adam Brower