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Adam – June 22, 2011Posted in: Recipes From Our Kitchen

A Texan should be atleast a bit self sustainable.  Haven’t you heard “Country Boy Can Survive?”  With this Texas take on the classic caprese, I use my own vegetables.  I add heat and substitute the mozzarella with a creamy goat cheese.  And I always try to get Texas made goat cheese from Houston Dairy Maids.

Here’s how it’s goes:

  1. Slice a tomato
  2. Generously crack sea salt and pepper on the tomatoes
  3. Add a fresh basil leave
  4. add a sliver of habanero (deseeded)
  5. Top with a chunk of creamy organic goat cheese (why organic?  Because a Texan shouldn’t put up with unnatural chemicals and product.  We live off the land)
  6. And drizzle with some fine EVOO

There you have it.  Caprese, Texas Style.  The creamy goat cheese really balances out the habanero for an incredible flavor pop.

Enjoy – and if you do this in your restaurant, just be sure to invite me for a free try.  😉