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Posted by Adam Brower on Jun 5, 2012 in BBQ, Restaurant Reviews | 1 comment

Darn you, Franklin!

A good pal introduced me to Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas. It’s good. It’s reaaal good. But I don’t live in Austin, and I have been chasing that dragon in the confines of the Houston city limits since. I just need a little sumfin’ sumfin’ to get me by! Good barbecue is easy to find in Houston, right? It’s Houston, freakin’ Texas, for crying out loud! …in my experience, no – it has not been easy to find good barbecue in Houston.  Luckily I did find Junior’s Smokehouse and BBQ right outside Hempstead. Three things that make Junior’s Smokehouse solid: sauce is not overly vinegary, meat is always tender and falls of the bone, and a perfect balanced smokey flavor – not like Old Smokey blew up in your face.

Junior’s Smokehouse not only serves up a quality barbecue plate, but they make for a nice destination out of the city. It’s only about 30 minutes from where I live and they have a heck of a lot more than a solid meal. You see, Junior’s is also a country store. You can get every jam, jelly, sauce, preserve you can think of here. There is a wall of beef jerky too. They peddle out 19 awesome flavors (latest favorite, bohemian garlic and any of the sweet and spicy), and its darn good! You can also come here for meats, snacks, gifts, and even desserts. If you’re poor and have no money, take advantage of all their free samples until they kick you out. The chicken salad is pretty amazing. Oh, and they homemade pimento cheese… mmm. That jalapeño sausage is awesome too. Bring a cooler for the transport home.

I am sure I need to try more barbecue places in town (and I don’t mean Demeris, Rudy’s, Goode Co., Spring Creek, or Pappa’s=barf), or maybe not, I am tired of disappointment. And I am pretty darn happy with Juniors. If you head about another mile west, you will see a really big rooster statue thats fun to get your pic with.

Eat well, fellow Texans. Tell me about your favorite BBQ spot.

See map to Juniors from Cypress, TX.

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