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[Update 01/19/2013: Call before heading out there, they have the store listed for sale.]

Texas offers something free for everyone to enjoy – a country drive. Country drives offer more romance than any Danielle Steel novel – though I am not sure about that Mr. Shades of Grey dude. Girls get all giggly when they mention him for some reason.

Back to driven’!  I like to take Texas up on those drives on Sunday, especially if there’s a reward at the end. And I often like to eat that reward. I have yet to find incredible barbecue in Houston, but I have found a few outside the area. One of those places is a quaint country store called Mulanax. It has charm, it’s cute, chicks dig it.

Under an hour away from Cypress, a drive to Mulanax offers beautiful scenery, dirt roads, old churches and passes  through historical Chappell Hill for you antiquers. This drive has a fistful of things Texas has to offer.

I don’t think I have much else to say other than it’s a pretty drive, there are some gems along the way, and I freakin’ loved the barbecue Mulanax offered. They won 1st place BBQ champs the weekend before I visited. Just look at the dang pictures below and Pintrest the hell out of them!

Tell your girl to throw on some Pat Green and put her feet on the dashboard, you’re goin’ for a drive.


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This guy was about a mile west of Mulanax on 105