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Adam and I had our first crawfish boil of the season today. While the bugs seemed a bit small, the batch turned out absolutely fantastic!! Adam cooked them with his signature spice blend – not to forget the best part…tossing them in additional seasonings and about a tbsp of melted butter as soon as you take them out of the water. He also cooked them for the EXACT right amount of time. I know this because they were SO easy to get out of the shell. I was able to eat each one “cajun” stlye, you know with out taking the tail shell out, just biting the top of the tail, while squeezing the bottom and getting the whole piece out. It tastes even better when its easy to eat. Plus, I’m pretty sure the smaller crawfish soaked up the spices better, making them oh-so-good!

So we got 8lbs for the 2 of us, clearly WAY too much. When we had had our fill we started shucking the tails into a bowl. I started thinking,  hmm, what to do with leftover crawfish.

Last year we made etouffee, which was good, but I wanted something else. I thought, “Why not a crawfish salad?” I mean its probably just as good as crab or shrimp salad. So here goes…


– 1.5 c. chopped leftover crawfish

– 1. 5 tbsp light mayo

– 1/2 tbsp wasabi mustard

– 1/2 tbsp digon mustard

– 2 green onions (chopped fine)

– 2 celery stalks (chopped fine)

– sprinkle cayenne pepper

– sprinkle celery salt

– salt (to taste)

– pepper (to taste)

Mix all of the ingredients above until evenly distributed.

When serving, top with:

– sprinkle paprika

– chopped sprigs of cilantro

The flavor was absolutely fantastic! Spices from the crawfish boil carry though, making such a flavorful, hearty, yet still light salad.

I tried the salad on crackers, but will probably finish the salad with lettuce wraps tomorrow. MMM!! Enjoy!

– Stef