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Posted by Stef Brower on Feb 12, 2012 in Restaurant Reviews | 3 comments

As mentioned, in the first of the year post – while I’m concentrating on healthier eating & raw…I definitely think we need to give ourselves a break to spoil ourselves here and there. So, last week – I indulged and it was oh so worth it!! I’ve seen Dessert Gallery for years now, but I’ve never stopped by until last Thursday. I didn’t know much about the place, other than it obviously served dessert-ish things. I actually even thought it might be a chain. I visited the Kirby location, just blocks from my work (its nestled into the same area as Kata Robata).

The cafe is decorated upscale ‘cute’ and has quite a bit of seating – lots of 2-seater tables — hint, hint – this place would be GREAT for a date guys! Cake displays are front and center and capture your attention immediately. They all look so sweet and scrumptious – I couldn’t take my eyes off of them.

While their specialty seems to be cakes, they do offer a variety of others, cookies, cupcakes, cake balls and for holidays and special events, they will create unique items, like right now they have macaroons and hand dipped strawberries.

I sampled several different flavors, the Luscious Lemon, Raspberry Rhapsody and Carrot Cake. They were all spectacular, I seriously can’t pick a favorite….maybe leaning slightly towards the carrot. I really liked their unique take on the recipe – no raisins, instead, pineapple!! Oh yea, and the cream cheese icing – yumm! So how did they get it taste so good? Well for one, the owner, Sara Brook is an award winning pastry chef, so there’s the start of it. But from there, they hand make EVERYTHING, even down to the cake batter…which I hear is something most bakeries just get from Pillsbury and ‘dress it up’ a little to call it homemade. They only use the highest quality ingredients, even if it means importing a specialty seedless raspberry jam. Its very apparent that the care and intricacies that go into their food results in truly one of a kind, rich, intense flavors.

Side note, I was totally wrong about the chain store thing. Sara started the Dessert Gallery here in Houston in 1995 and there are now 2 locations (Kirby & Galleria), and all the baking takes place at their central bake shop every day and is then distributed to the stores.

I suggest you make a trip to the Dessert Gallery as soon as you can – and what better excuse then VALENTINES!!! They are open until midnight on the weekends (Friday and Saturday) so it’s a perfect date destination. And if you can’t make up your mind among all of the mouthwatering selections, there is always their famous Old Fashioned Diner Cake. Just like it sounds – old fashioned moist yellow cake topped with rich chocolate buttercream (I took a slice home and it was heavenly).


Enjoy your desserts!!!!!!