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Adam & Stef – November 22, 2010Posted in: Beer & Beverage

It’s been a while since I have done a write up on beer, so let’s catch up!

Modus Hoperandi

I like beer.  And I like my beer hoppy.  Modus Hoperandi, by Ska Brewing, offers a robust hoppy and clean flavor.  Its a solid IPA that comes in a can, so this comes in handy for frat boys needing to take it to the beach or pool parties!  A very clean and well crafted beer, this goes on the recommendations list.  Don’t plan on downing a six pack, your likely going to be full after two.  And one thing I didn’t like is the alcohol % is not listed on the can, I always like to know I am getting my money’s worth.  Their site does list it at 6.8%, so we know we’re not messing around.  This goes for about $10 a six pack.  Expensive for beer, but this is like wine to me.  And $10 for a bottle of wine is considered a cheap bottle.  One of the ingredient is love too!

HiH Beer-O-Meter: 8.5 (only if you LOVE hops)

Dead Guy Ale

Dead Guy Ale on the other hand is more mild from the Modus, which is not a bad thing at all.  Its IBU is 40 compared to Modus’s 65 (bitterness).  So it just depends on what mood you are in, if you are having it with a meal, etc.  Dead Guy would be a perfect hot wings beer.

I absolutely love the old moonshine style bottle it came in, though it is also available in 6 packs.  This bottle is perfect, for its a half gallon, if you are allowed only one or two beers a night.  Now when your significant other asks how many beers you had, you can answer confidently and honestly answer “one”.

An very good beer by Rogue Ales will be added to my recommendations.  However, running $12-$13 bucks a six pack, it is a bit pricey.  And the alcohol % is no where to be found…

HiH Beer-O-Meter: 7.5 (I may need to try the regular sized bottle)

Stay thirsty Houston, though I am sure Modus will also satisfy any hunger cravings too.