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The Super Bowl is quickly descending upon us. You may be hosting a party or tasked to bring a contributing plate. Oh, what to make? Work is busy, baseball practice is starting, and you don’t have time. And you sure don’t want to bring a bowl of chips, sandwich pinwheels, or your famous seven-layer dip that tastes like canned dog food topped with cheese and black olives. You want to impress.  You want to delight. You want to bring a power-play of flavor. And you want it quick, easy, and top quality. But is this possible? I think I found the answer is yes, and I was so pleased with the results, I have to share.

Boar’s Head meats and cheeses have always been an easy favorite of mine at the deli, plus their barbecue sauce is my favorite sauce available in a grocery store. The flavor is everything you want in a sauce. It’s spicy, a hint of sweetness, and packs a powerful punch of flavor. It is the most well balanced barbecue that comes in a bottle. Couple this with Boar’s Head brisket, and you’re on your way to fast barbecue sandwiches that rocks my flavor jam.


  • Boar’s Head barbecue sauce
  • Boar’s Head Mesquite Smokehouse brisket (sliced on 4)
  • Boar’s Head hickory smoked Gruyere cheese (sliced on 3)
  • Hawaiian sweet rolls
  • Fresh Jalapeños
  • White onion

In the deli, you can grab the barbecue sauce, cheese and brisket. Hawaiian sweet rolls shouldn’t be far, typically located by the bakery. Snag a few jalapeños and a white onion. Then check out and go home. The rest is a piece of cake.

You can do this cold (requires not warming, or keeping warm during a party) or you can heat the brisket quickly – 30 seconds on each side on a hot skillet. But cold is perfectly acceptable and why this can be so gersh dern easy.


  1. Halve the rolls
  2. Add barbecue sauce to, both, the top and bottom of the roll
  3. Stack the brisket, and top with more barbecue sauce
  4. Top with fresh jalapeño and onion
  5. Add the cheese to the top

And you’re done.

The sauce makes it. But adding the onion, jalapeño, and cheese completes it. The cheese adds that hint of hickory flavor and the sweet roll balances everything. I think you are going to be thoroughly impressed. And very, very pleased.