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This is a Texas blog.  Texan’s like their hot sauce.  I have easily tried over 100 different types of hot sauces.  Too many Texans think they like any take-your-pick cayenne hot sauce from Louisiana, or wherever.  But we will forgive our brothers and sisters, for they have not been introduced to true quality.  Made only from the freshest ingredients, no preservatives, Firefly Hot Sauces bursts on to the hot sauce scene with amazingly fresh and crazy good flavors!  Passage Creek Farm, a small produce farm in Fort Valley, Virginia, has some of the best I have ever tasted.  Not only are the flavors so intense, but you can taste the purity of the ingredients.  This combination puts all Firefly Hot Sauce flavors at the top of my list.

The Cosmic Curry is mind blowing in flavor.  I ended up having to buy several extra bottles of this one because Stef, my hot wife, decided its not a hot sauce, its actually a salad dressing.  And it does make a darn good salad dressing.

The Original is simply a perfect hot sauce.  A perfect balance of flavor and heat is suitable for most non-yankees.

If you require the heat cranked up a few notches, the Tear Jerker does not disappoint.  I am typically the “hotter the better” type person and put habanero on my Cheerios, shoot, I am a BW3 Blazing Challenge survivor.  This sauce is legit.

The Cayenne reminded me that I DO like cayenne!  I have been so jaded by the watered down vinegary kinds you find at the grocery stores.  This is a sweeter, thicker, version of the typical cayenne, and you won’t find a shortage of things to add this to.

For you Garlic lovers, such as myself, this gives you what you think it would – some heat with garlic flavor.  I haven’t tried this experiment yet, but I am going to make some wings with this one soon!

And the Smokin’ Apple I found is a phenomenal addition to any chicken or pork dish. As the name implies, it offers a sweet apple taste with a kick.

Try them all, its only going to cost you twenty bucks and you will have 6 bottles of mouth joy.

Take advantage of their 3 pack special for $10 – and get extra, you will run out fast!

Let me know how you use your sauce! For real.