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To experience something through the eyes of an exceptional young person is truly magical.  I wanted to share a review that Katherine S., a 5th grader from Houston, provides on Fogo De Chao.

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If you are a big meat eater and have a craving for salad, then come to Fogo De Chao and you’ll leave with your stomach full. If you live near Westheimer, then stop by 8250 WestheimerRd. Houston, Texas 77063 and get some delicious food from a Brazilian steakhouse. Don’t forget to make a reservation or you will be waiting for a while. Call 713-978-6500 to make your reservation. Also on a rank of 1-10 on how fancy you should be I would stay in the range of a 6-8.

The first thing you notice when you walk in is the steak on a rotisserie around a huge fire, the waiting area, the bar, and the Brazilian painting about the history of Fogo De Chao. The painting includes Brazilian cowboys (Gauchos) with meat on sticks. Once you’re in the main part ofthe restaurant, you notice the salad bar, which in the middle of it, has a huge assortment of flowers.

Do you like to eat in a clean, beautiful atmosphere? Well, if you do, then come to Fogo De Chao and get served by waiters mostly trained in Brazil, but some are not Brazilian, and are Spanish. Not to mention, they are all super polite.

You can eat the plate of delicious mash potatoes and fluffy warm cheese bread off your table that the waiters give you.  Also you can eat the meat that the waiters carry around and you can either say yes or no to the meat they come by with. When you get there, you get a card. On one side it’s red, and on the other it’s green. Flip it to green when you would like more meat, and to red when you want them to stop swarming you with it. If you’re not the biggest meat eater,then you can go to the salad bar and get fish, asparagus, or salad from the enormous variety.  All the food is fully cooked and extremely good!  Also once you’re finished eating they have a huge variety of desserts that are very mouth watering.

Fogo de Chao has lots of different meats like Picanha, one of their most popular meats, the prime part of the sirloin seasoned with sea salt, and flavored with Garlic. Filet Mignon, a piece of meat cut from the tenderloin, also wrapped in bacon. Alcatra, is the top piece of sirloin. Fradinha, is the bottom piece of sirloin. Rib Eye has rich flavor. Cordeiro, lamb leg ,also served as chops. Lombo, is from the pork loin tender filets, encrusted with parmesan cheese and sizzling with flavor. Costela de Porco, Tender pork ribs. Frango, a variety of cuts, including tender chicken breasts wrapped in bacon and chicken legs. Linguica, is robust pork sausages that are seasoned and slow-roasted to mouth watering perfection.

Service, what can I say? It’s very fast and they come around with sticks of flavorful meat. There are so many different kinds of meats, that you feel like you could name any kind of meat and they will have it!  But, sometimes it takes a little longer to get to the table .I know you’re anxious to find out how much a meal is for a kid and an adult.  If your 10 orunder your meal is only about $25.00.  Where an adults meal is about double that.  If you only have the salad bar, it is half price.  Desserts add a little bit to the bill.  If you can eat a lot of everything, your bill might be more expensive than others.

Fogo De Chao, I would definitely say is a 5 star restaurant. I would recommend coming here if you are in the range of 8 and above, and like bread, meat, mash potatoes, or salad. Also I would only come if you will actually eat a reasonable amount of food.  Other than that I think this is a very delicious restaurant.

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Does that not get your appitite going?  Stay hungry Houston!