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Adam & Stef – March 7, 2011Posted in: Food Reviews, Video

I was fast forwarding through a DVR’d show tonight, and I quickly did a 1 – 2 and had to rewind. “Did I really just see a commercial for frozen fish stick fish tacos??” So I press rewind and take a closer look. This cheesy Gorton’s “Mariachi” Commercial is actually sending the message that you should make fish tacos with frozen fish sticks!!

What has the food industry come to? Gorton’s should be ashamed. Let me be the first to say, that HiH DOES NOT recommend preservative-loaded frozen fish stick fish tacos. We recommend making fish tacos from REAL fish from the seafood dept, which are very easy to make – 15 minutes!!!

Stay tuned for HiH fish taco recipe, but in the mean time, here’s a quick one…using real fish and fresh ingredients.

Easy Fish Tacos from Epicurious

stay tuned for our version!