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HEB has been my favorite local grocery store for many years (and as a food blogger, how can you not love Central Market).  The quality in their produce and meats far surpass the other large chains.  And I particularly appreciate the value and excellence of their generic products.  Basically, I just feel like HEB tries harder than any other food store.  Now this is not a paid advertisement by any means, I am just trying to get a job with them.  KIDDING!  Anyone that knows me and Stef also have known we have been grass roots advocates.  I always like to let the market I write for know of my positive experiences in the community.  I do the same thing with restaurants I enjoy.  So like a restaurant review, consider this a grocery store review.

Recently, in celebration of Earth Day, HEB was promoting their Central Market Organics brand.  Along with this promotion, I had the opportunity to sample several of these items.  Now what does this have to do with Earth Day?  Well, being green conscious, I have always appreciated the lack of chemicals used.  Just on the way to work today, I saw our neighborhood homeowners association fertilizing the grass around the lake.  Which will then be watered.  And then those chemicals run off into the street curbs where I see the ducks and birds drink from…  Maybe a little sappy?  But it’s real…  These harmful artificial fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are commonly used on conventional crops.  So I was very pleased to see that the green message behind the Central Market Organics was exactly that.

If you are not jumping on the “poor ducks” bit yet, there is still great benefits to Central Market Organics.  Since their foods do not contain partially hydrogenated oils, HFCS, MSG, artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors they are actually better for you.  But most importantly to me, they taste better.  My favorite example are the Organic Peanut Butter Dots.  I challenge you, I really do, to put these next to that captain dudes peanut butter cereal.  Put the ingredients side by side and you will see the captains stuff is just all junk, and we feed it to our kids.  Where the Peanut Butter Dots uses natural ingredients and don’t contain that horrible varnish that tears the roof of your mouth up.  Because you are not eating basically peanut butter flavored chemicals (the Dots are covered with real organic peanut butter), it tastes fantastic!  And my 12 year old backed me up on this one.  I won’t bore you with going into the other samples, I was not disappointed with any of them.  But I will mention,  I also really loved the CM Organics Oat Meal used with the Agave Nectar!

I see many conscious steps happing to not only help our environment but also work towards a goal of living within the earth’s consumable resources budget.  Hopefully in the future we can look forward to less packaging and in the near future we will be saying, “remember when we used to drink from plastic bottles and throw them away?”

To learn more about HEB’s green efforts, visit their community site.

Stay hungry, Houston.  And for your taste buds, along with the environment and your body, try some Central Market Organics products.  It’s good stuff!