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Is there a better sandwich than a good ol’ BLT?  Is there a better breakfast than a BLT with egg?  I think not.  And this is how we do it.

  1. Heat up a cast iron pan.  If you don’t have a cast iron pan, put this off until you have one.
  2. When warm lay out some thick cut, meaty bacon (look at the packages and find the one with least amount of fat).
  3. Cook bacon to your liking – I like to pull them off a bit early so they don’t get too crispy or crunchy.
  4. Drain bacon fat, but don’t rinse your pan – we will use the left over drippings to cook the eggs in.
  5. Lower the heat to your pan to a medium low and crack an egg onto it.  You don’t want to cook eggs at a too high of heat – you actually want them at a nice medium rare.  You can add a bit of butter (real) for flavor and to help from sticking.
  6. After about a minute, flip the egg and let cook for a few more seconds  – only to quickly “brown” the other side.
  7. Remove egg from pan.  For best results, and most flavorful, you want the yolk runny.
  8. Slice a tomato, medium thick, and sweat (pour salt on them).
  9. Select cold and crispy romaine hearts – the hearts are crispier.
  10. Toast two pieces of bread.
  11. Coat each piece of bread with mayo and generously crack fresh pepper and sea salt directly on the mayo.
  12. On the top piece of toast, place the bacon onto the mayo, then stack the tomato and lettuce – in that order.
  13. Place the egg on the bottom piece of toast and fold together.

If you followed this precisely (pepper, salt, stacking, egg cooking) – you will have the perfect egg BLT breakfast sandwich.

Stay hungry Houston, and keep this one simple.  Don’t add other seasonings, for this one is good as is.