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Posted by Adam Brower on Dec 3, 2010 in Outside Houston | 1 comment

In part two of our venture, I bring you to Napa Valley.

Nestled in the hills off of Hwy 29 is a quiet, romantic journey into wine country.  #$&%&  Strike that – reverse it.  I drove on Hwy 29 going into Napa, there was nothing quiet or romantic about it – as one might have thought.  I saw traffic and the freakishly large crowds at the vineyards.  I wanted to curl up and go home.  It felt like Disney Land on a bad trip.  Huge crowds of people who crawled out from the woodwork.

As I drove to a recommended winery, I felt as if I should put on my Hawaiian shirt, stick out my belly and lick an ice cream cone.  This was tourism at its best.  And I wanted to throw up.  We quickly b-lined it to 121 to find some “off the beaten path” wineries.  The rules have changed also – where you need appointments.  Whatever – lets cut down a road and find something redeeming.  And we did.

Honig Vineyard and Winery welcomed us (with a quick reservation), not only with scenery but with hospitality.

They offered us some of their best wine.  I honestly did love their wines, the staff, and the scenery.  A cozy and relaxing surrounding gave us what we were looking for without Mickey Mouse waving us in.  Enjoy our pics, all from Honig.

I also have to add, this week at Houston’s Strata Restaurant I had the privilege of meeting Bart O’Brien of O’Brien Estates.  Not only a great guy, he led us on a journey of romantic tales as he introduced his wines and we celebrated a relationship from start to end.  With each bottle of wine, a piece of poetry on the back tells the tale of a developing relationship between two people.  They are soon to go to “members only”, and I am already signing up to be a part of that – as Bart invites you to come to his winery and enjoy a sunset.  Because of the personality and depth behind these wines, I will be back to Napa to take Bart up on that sunset…  Life is good.

With all that said, I envisioned Napa to be beautiful rolling hills of vines.  Guess what – thats not as much Napa but more Sonoma – props to you Sonoma!  You are beautiful!

Stay hungry Houston, and pair that meal with some of the finest wines in the US.  I do recommend Honig and O’Brien to enhance whatever meal you choose to enjoy tonight.


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