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I can’t go to the bay area and not have fish and chips, it is a must.  When I saw the sign for Lappert’s Fish and Chips, there was no way I was going to pass that up, put aside I was still full from the outstanding lunch at Thai Terrace, I just had to have a taste! There were plenty of restaurants lining the bay street of Sausalito and I wish I had more time to visit them all.  But the ones we got to sample were nothing less than perfection.


I hate eating fried food out.  This is simply because of how easy it is to  poorly executed a fried dish.  Typically fried food is botched if  fried too short or at too low of a temperature.  Or if at too high of a temperature and left too long, the meat gets tough and you just have to hope the condiment brings it through… to at least be edible.

Lappert’s IS quality.  Everything I samples was nothing less than complete care for the food and perfection of their trade.  Simply amazing.  If all restaurants, or even businesses, put this apparent passion in their trade, we would all understand nivrana.  Even some of the “fanciest” restaurants in town do not put as much attention to detail as Lappert’s does.

We began with the fish that had batter to rival any shop in the world –  it was perfectly fried.  You immediately get a sense this is no ordinary restaurant, but one that has worked its art to a science and takes great pride in what they do.  They are so proud of their food, the owner even leaves his cell phone number posted.  That is pride and passion at its best.

Next to the slaw.  I am a coleslaw fan.  And if you are not, its because you dont get good slaw.  Most places serve junk.  Most slaw you will try is junk.  But, again, Lappert’s comes through with fresh, cool and crisp, slightly sweet slaw with that pleasant salty bite.

And for dessert, Lappert’s also had homemade ice cream that was INSANE!  We tried the Kahlua Truffle…

I can’t say enough about Lappert’s – great food, great quality, great service. Go there!

Thai Terrace:

Before this gets WAY to long, I have to tell you about Thai Terrace too.   I wish I had one of these by me, because I would be there every day!  We sampled many of their dishes and each one radiated fresh ingredients authentically assembled by someone who truly knows thai flavor and ingredients. Stef  asked for one plate to be “Thai hot” and to our delight, they did not mess around.  The craziest thing was the prices were not only affordable but downright cheap!  I think the pictures will do the talking for Thai Terrace.

Stay hungry, Houston.  And if you are in the bay area, you have to make these two places a “must” visit.