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I had eaten Korean food before — but nothing more adventurous than the typical BBQ. Ya know, they bring out all of the meat and you cook it at your own little grill to make Korean BBQ. I’m not saying this isn’t authentic Korean food – but it reminded me of the BBQ dishes you could find at the mall food court. I wanted to try Korean food again, and I didn’t want BBQ. I wanted really authentic Korean food. I wanted lots of kim chi (cabbage), spice, tofu, rice, soups, stews.

I knew just the friend to call, my pal Nicky. We had met at a Sushi Club event, and though Nicky is Taiwanese she’s quite the foodie all-around so I knew she would know a great Korean spot.

I sent her a message on Facebook and she immediately suggested Bon Ga. It was on.

The next week was torture as I slaved over the online menu and kept talking to my husband about what I was going to order. Visions of Hobakjeon and Bibimbap danced in my head and as each day got closer I was even more excited!

So the day finally came, Saturday night and we were on our way to meet Nicky in a horrible rain storm that decided to pop up. Nonetheless we made it to dinner only a few minutes late. As the best foodie friends do we got to talking about what to order before getting to small talk. It was quickly decided: NO, we are NOT getting BBQ (YES, my kinda peeps). We went for the following:

  • Seafood Pancake (Haemul Pajeon)
  • Kimchi bean curd stew (kimchi-sundubu)
  • Kimchi pot stew with pork (dwa poggi-kimchi-jjigae)
  • Beef Bibimbap

One of the most fun about things about eating Korean food is all the extra sides (appetizers) – 7 or so – they give you: kimchi, pickled cucumber, tofu, brocoli, squash, eggs, sprouts – LOTS of different variations. You get to have these great tasty bites in between eating all these amazing soups and stews.


Then they brought the seafood pancake which was just PERFECT. So light, eggy and fluffy and just he right amount of seafood and green onion. I’ve seen pictures of pancake with MUCH LARGER shrimps, ours were pretty small, but the taste was still good.


The best part came when they delivered the 2 soup bowls. I am addicted to the kim chi bean curd stew. I know to most people that might sound gross, but all it means by bean curd is ‘soft tofu’. And when soft, tofu just tastes like a creamy addition to any meal. It seriously is magnificent. Also, Bon Ga has a great flavor to their soup – it’s not condensed flavor from a jar, very authentic and delicious. You can pick up all the spice, tangy and savory nuances.

Korean food really is a great, adventurous outing for a couple or family wanting to try something new. I highly suggest you check out Bon Ga for their authenticity, charm, great service and quality.

Stay Hungry!


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