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[Note: I just found out the Boheme is in the process of upgrades and remodeling of the kitchen to meet the growing demand – the wings will be off the menu for approximately 3 weeks from May 7th.  I would still recommend visiting and trying other items] 

Houston knows its food, that is becoming widely known. Houston has won the accolade of best hamburgers in North America from multiple accredited media outlets (Goode Co., Lankford, Bellaire Broiler Burger, to name a few – my fav below). However, when it comes to buffalo wings, wings in general, Houston is full of disappointment. Here are the common problems I come across:

Sticky Vietnamese Wings

  • wings are too small
  • wings are overcooked
  • sauce tastes too manufactured and fake
  • sauce is just bland or not pleasing all together
  • crispiness is a huge plus, but never found (always looking for a nice crisp while still gettng some sauce)
  • well balanced heat

There is not enough love and attention to all of these areas in most Houston restaurants… until recently.  Boheme has embraced the wing with technique, passion and flavor that rivals even the best chefs. About a year and a half ago, Executive Chef Rishi Singh has taken Boheme from frozen food and a microwave to one of Houston’s top flavor phenomenons  There are many menu items I could go on about, but it was the wings that hooked me.  Once hooked, I kept going back to try even more of Rishi’s intelligent and skill-fully crafted dishes.

I had two wing flavors to choose from, Mongolian Chipotle BBQ and Sticky Vietnamese, so I chose both.  It was hard to choose a favorite, both were perfect in their own right.  They surpassed everything I look for in a wing:

Rosemary Fire Wings

  • fresh large wings
  • cooked to perfection, still plump and juicy
  • crispy
  • authentic, insanely flavorful, sauces invented from scratch by Rishi
  • unique flavor that was anything but run of the mill
  • savory yet surprisingly a little sweet
  • blue cheese dressing dip made in-house (not from the bottle)
  • perfect heat
  • and many other design nuances that only a true artist can give his own work

I was so impressed I coordinated a visit with a few other of my wing connoisseurs.

Our conclusion: Chef Singh’s wings at Boheme are, hands down, the best in Houston.

Stay hungry my friends, and while you’re at Boheme, try the Vietnamese Fries (the most popular menu item) or Rishi’s phenomenal pizza inventions.


Now, back to those burger joints I mentioned  I’ve tried some of them, and they are decent slop burgers. They do always miss the best burger in town, Fleming’s happy hour bacon burger – and it’s only $6.  You won’t find better quality, taste and value in one package.