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Posted by Adam Brower on Mar 28, 2010 in Restaurant Reviews | 5 comments

hola. uno mas cervesa, por favor. and that’s about all I know. but, with one exception, my mexican amigos know how to cook. taco’s make the world go round. stef just got done with a 10K race and we thought we could finish it off with a great houston taco run. like the 10K, this means running… running to every taco stand, hole in the wall, taqueria, anything we could find in our vicinity. unfolding before you is the great “houston taco-capade”. you know that dr. suess book, “the places you will go”… maybe this is what he wrote about….ok maybe not, but these are some damn good tacos.


Stop 1 – taqueria cancun really good taco’s


Stop 2 – Jarro cafe Jarro is about flavor. their meat, their hot sauce. they differentiate themselves from the rest by bringing something unique. i would say they raised it up a level – gourmet style. you HAVE to visit this place. the green sauce is for professionals only, so watch out!


Stop 3 – Nortenita market what a fun place. meat market, mexican grocer items, and food ready for you. an experience you have to take part of. I shopped and dined – and was not disappointed (REAL mexican cokes — HELLO!!). love this place.


Stop 4 – La Balita : Con Sabora Mexico

ok. something magical happened here. green sauce, tacos, everything. if you want to go to a popular local restaurant chain with a Pappa in it, you will not get the the satisfaction as you would here. at that other place with the pappa, you will pay 3 times more, get less service, and mediocre food. go to this “unknown” and get everything you ever wanted. stef has feverishly been researching how to re-create this green sauce, its not a tomatilla. its an avocado and sour cream thing we are trying to perfect.

to break it down, I would prioritize accordingly:

1 – Jarro Cafe – unique and bold flavors 2 – La Balita – wonderful authentic food 3 – Nortenita Market – shop and eat – all is good

4 – Taqueria Cancun – good food, its only last because they didn’t have anything truly unique for me. I still recommend.

happy taco hunting.

stay hungry houston, and let me know if you find the great taco place.
mine for now – first on the list is Jarro – GO!


and for more taco fun, visit Jay –

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