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Adam & Stef – December 13, 2010Posted in: Recipes From Our Kitchen

My Monday morning was immediately made better, when my lovely friend Linsy walked in with the most massive shrimp chips I’ve ever seen. She told me her mom had made them, and before she could finish her sentence, I already had a few bites down…and these had some serious flavor. A HUGE step up on the typical shrimp chips us gringos are probably used to.

typical shrimp chips, made by Calbee

These had the best shrimp-y flavor. So, let’s get down to business, how do we make these scrumptious snacks?

Turns out they are only semi-homemade and oh so easy to do, here’s how, straight from Linsy to you:

“Find your nearest Asian supermarket and proceed to the aisle of starches! Usually packed in small boxes (similar in size to say a Hamburger Helper box), but characterized of course by Asian labeling done in its typical fashion of bright cheerful colors. The name to look for is “Banh Phong Tom”, “Shrimp Chips”, or “Prawn Crackers”.

These small chips are not to be underestimated in any sense of the snack world. Seemingly simple in shape, texture, and size – when dropped into a fryer of hot oil – these flat chips transform (in a matter of seconds) into an explosion of flavor and fun! Watch as they triple in size while frying. Quickly remove each expanded chip from the fryer, let cool and enjoy as a fun snack, or use them to scoop Vietnamese salads from plate to mouth!”

Thanks Linsy!!!!!!