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So, making some plantain chips this weekend – and I try to peel my plantain, you know, just as I would a banana. After a few attempts it looks like this:

Plantains have a thicker skin than bananas so they don’t really peel as easy, its a bit more manual.

No success. Since this stumped me, I thought I would do a nice little how-to – on how to get to your wonderful and sweet plantain. So here goes..

Step 1. Cut off the ends.

Step 2. Cut the skin lengthwise.

Step 3. Peel!

Now – to make the plantain chips. I could fry them, but I want these to be a healthier snack, so I’m using the dehydrator. Just fill the racks with plantain slices, set at 135 degrees – should take about 12 hours.