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I love soup. I am a soup and salad kinda girl. I could eat either for any meal of the day, yes, even breakfast. So while I love soup, I’m the first to admit that canned soup is nothing special. Well wait, I take that back, I have recently been pleasantly surprised by Amy’s Organic Vegetarian Soups. That’s for another post though. So you know those nights, when you really don’t want to do anything – and grabbing a canned soup would be oh so easy. Well here’s how you can do that, and not sacrifice flavor.

I am hesitant to recommend canned soup, I do know that it’s very processed and usually salt overload, but hey, I know people buy it from time to time, I do too. So when you DO eat it, why not make it worth it. Here’s what I recently did to a can of Campbell’s ‘Savory Chicken with Brown Rice’. I took a ‘chicken tortilla’ approach – but this can easily be done with other vegetables, Italian, anything. Just use your own imagination. Or leave a comment below, I’m happy to help suggest combos that work.


For this soup I used: a little extra sea salt, garlic pepper seasoning, tear jerker hot sauce from Firefly – who by the way make the BEST HOT SAUCES, 1/2 a lime, handful of cilantro, little bit of cheese (but I could have done without the cheese) 1/3 avocado.


Add your ingredients and let it simmer for a few minutes.