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Posted by Adam Brower on Nov 25, 2013 in Food Reviews | 1 comment

This was huge fun, but isn’t just weird looking? And its not turkey flavored ice cream (which some questioned). Baskin Robbins brought much joy to my office today by delivering dreams of holiday feasts in the form of ice cream. Upon delivery, the break room was immediately filled with folks that were once grinding through the day, but now elevated to ice cream oblivion. This literally was a huge hit that instantly thrusted the department into the holiday spirit and kicked off the week just prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. In other words, it turned a dragging Monday into a festive holiday party.

Nobody was shy when it was time to dig in. Set before us was:

  • a huge ice cream turkey, think ice cream cake in the shape of a turkey but better – with loads of caramel…and fully equipped with ice cream cone legs
  • 4 mini turkey shaped ice cream cakes
  • an ice cream pie…how would this be complete without a pie?!
  • a tub of Gingerbread Junction, flavor of the month, was left to top it all off

Now I want to be straightforward and honest with you.  Everything was awesome.  The caramel coated ice cream that covered the turkeys was just ridiculously good.  The “legs” were actually ice cream cones. There was not a person that indulged who would argue this was just phenomenal. But the part I liked best is how this novelty brought everyone together and instantly enhanced the mood of the department…it made an instant memorable event. Everyone had a great time as if this was a long planned holiday tradition.

Whether you want to bring instant cheer to your office or elated cheer to the home, Baskin Robbins has you covered on holiday cakes that will earn its place in tradition.  I already can’t imagine us not making this part of the office holiday fun next year. Or even for Christmas and other holidays coming up.  Keep in mind that there are many other festiva cakes aside from turkeys that fit all holiday celebrations.

This was fun for everyone, thanks Baskin Robbins!  Stay hungry, Houston, and turn up the liveliness of any office environment or party with this novel cake that is sure to bring happiness to everyone.