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We acknowledge two food groups:  Asian and Mexican.  Both cultures embrace flavor and spice, and use the heat to fully bring it out.  If you are a regular follower, especially on our Facebook page, you know we are fans of the local taqueria scene.  However, this night was about cranking it up a few notches – Mexican style. We were lucky enough to be invited to dine at Hugo’s for a special “Toast to Mexico” dinner.

The night was full of exquisite food from a variety of Mexican regions. The evening flowed like an exotic journey to the multiple sub-cultures that Mexico has to offer; from the Pacific city of Acapulco to to the Gulf city of Veracruz.  We’ve all had mexican food, but this was NOT your tex-mex or local taqueria, and thank goodness, these were cultural fine dining dishes that really showcased the true flavors of Mexico.  And we just have to say one thing, “Houston!  Get off your Tex-Mex kick!  That is NOT where it’s at!”  True Mexico cuisine infuses years of tradition and influence into some of the most flavorful food to please your palette.

To add to our memorable evening, we had the pleasure of sitting next to Octavio Aguilar, the Director of the Mexico Tourism Board. New to Houston and a native to Mexico City, he was able to share some interesting insight about the meals, traditions and tastes.

We love authentic Mexican food and Hugo’s one upped the evening with a perfect 10 on each entrée.

Stay hungry Houston – and allow us to take you down a journey through Mexico.

Taquito de Langosta (Lobster Taco)

Huachinango a la Veracruzana (Filet of roasted red snapper with tomatoes, Manzanilla olives, capers and arroz blanco)

Pato en Mole Poblano (Seared duck breast and braised leg with mole Poblano and arroz blanco)

Capirotada (Mexico’s version of bread pudding served with cane sugar syrup, queso fresco ice cream and crushed candied peanuts)

Piramide de Chocolate (Made with criollo chocolate and flourless bozcocho de chocolate, served with xoconostle (wild prickly pear) sauce and dulce de leche cream)