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Posted by Adam Brower on Feb 12, 2012 in Restaurant Reviews | 1 comment

[Update: Jitterbug has since closed it’s doors]

Not just a great coffee house, Jitterbug cafe is the best restaurant in Fairfield (Cypress, TX).  Too often this establishment is passed by when local residents ponder where to fetch some nourishment forgetting that it serves much more than coffee.

Walking into Jitterbug, you are quickly greeted by inviting smiles and warm welcomes.  The entire staff has been friendly and accommodating.  When you step up to the counter and look at the menu, you will notice something other than just coffee drinks and wholesale pastries – you see their food menu!  This is where it gets good.

Let me preface this by saying I am an expert in culinary critique.  I wouldn’t use the word “foodie”, because I think that is synominous with “pretentious a**hole” too often.  Also, we all know that deep down, there is not a darn thing special about the chain coffee joint with the Snookie mermaid logo.

So, what does this place have to eat?  Let’s start off with breakfast.  Do you remember those old pot-pies with the crust all the way through the bottom and it was pure deliciousness?  Well, Jitterbug has this narcotic called breakfast pies.  I find myself stopping by too often in the morning just for a little sumfin’ sumfin’ to get me by.  These pies are filled with perfectly cooked egg, sausage, spinach and cheese.  Simply amazing.  I also like to enjoy their breakfast croissant with sausage and havarti cheese.  (I dare you to click on the breakfast pie pic to enlarge)

Moving on to lunch… did I tell you about the addicting breakfast pie?  I thought I had it bad until I tried their chicken salad on a croissant – hands down the best chicken salad I have ever had.  Seriously, Jitterbug needs a sign “Best Chicken Salad in Texas!”  Another awesome sandwich to try there is the Asian Roast Beef, mmm with wasabi-ginger sauce – amazing!  The weekday hours are til 6:30 PM, so I can even get something for dinner when needed.

And if it couldn’t get any better, they have live music many of the Friday nights where they attract excellent local talent such as Randy Frisch.  And on other Fridays, it’s ‘Socrates Cafe’ where they host philosophical discussions.

Ohhhh, gelato!  Forget taking the kids out for ice-cream at the over priced mass produced parlors.  Jitterbug’s homemade gelato is far better.

Swing by for a cup of coffee, play a game, read a book, or take advantage of their free Wifi.  I’m tellin’ ya, this place is quality.  When you add the friendly service, quality of food, and convenience together, it sums up to Jitterbug Cafe.

Whether you live in the community, in the Cypress area, or visiting the Houston Premium Outlets, you have tons of mediocre options.  Don’t forget the little gem Fairfield residents have in their own front yard.

Do yourself a favor and try a sandwich from Jitterbug before you settle on blandness from the popular sub station next store.  Eat well!


P.S. Jitterbug, thanks for having the raw cane sugar cubes, it makes a world of difference when sweetening coffee.