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Houston, Texas. You would think it would be easy to find good bbq around here. It’s home of the worlds largest rodeo, and it’s freakin’ Texas. But no, its a never ending sea of chain restaurants serving mediocracy. Austin, you don’t have the same problem. Luckily, I work with a few folks that love to partake in our beloved carnivorous Texas tradition. I was told to get ready to put on my meat sweater, we are going to Luling City Bar-B-Que.

Luling City is tightly nestled in an old shopping strip on Richmond Ave just off the West Loop. I actually drove past this place 100 times and never even noticed it – it’s that small. I ordered a trio of meat; Beef Link, Ribs, Brisket. All were quite scrumptious. Don’t judge me, they were small portions. Funny, a few of my pals worried about me liking the bbq sauce. It’s different and I am picky. Instead of cursing my friendly co-workers, I allowed all my meat components to go Phelps in the sauce. It’s unique, but I really welcomed that uniqueness in its slightly mustardy way.  It’s not sweet with just the right tanginess. The briskets smokey flavor was spot on. It was tender and lovingly hugged by a layer of finger knawing black bark. The consistency of the beef link was really awesome – it’s not stuffed with useless filler or fatty grease that gives you rancid juice burps later on – a la Pappa’s BBQ.  I only had 3 of the pork ribs.  I ate these so fast, I can’t remember the details.  Sorry.

Luling City Bar-B-Que has earned its place as one of my favorite BBQ joints in Houston. Real Texas BBQ that even sells Big Red in a can.


(I know there are other gems out there, please share them with me)