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Howdy folks. I’m just going to come right out and say it. Oxheart is one of my favorite restaurants in Houston, so I there is no way to avoid an Oxheart restaurant review. Headed up by another Houston rockstar, Chef Justin Yu, Oxheart is quaint, cozy, and the food is creative and exquisite. From the outside, it doesn’t look like a restaurant at all. Its at the corner of an old brick building just on the outskirts of downtown. There is a tiny wooden sign that doesn’t exactly notify anyone a restaurant exists here. You just have to know. But that’s all part of the charm. Oxheart is an experience. When you step in, you immediately realize why you need to make reservations well in advance. The space is very limited with only a few tables and a counter area that overlooks all the action in the kitchen. The decor is simple and playful, Japanese lucky cats adorn the nooks and crannies of the restaurant and Russian babushka dolls give you something to fiddle with in between courses.

We chose the multi-course tasting menu with the wine pairing. Each course was like a voyage as the waitress told the story of each dish and the wine pairing. The ingredients are Houston-local, fresh and unique. The food is inventive and the culinary techniques are unmatched to anything I’ve ever tasted. Also, I love that wait staff wears these rustic leather aprons. I saw one writer say it was like something out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but I found it added to it’s charm. The only downside to Oxheart is your tab at the end of the night. If you get the tasting menu with wine pairing plus tip, it’s an easy $300+. So its definitely a special occasion outing for most of us. But its worth it.

The innovative menu and irresistible charm make it hard not to love Oxheart.


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For reservations, check out Oxheart Houston’s webpage.

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