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Ok, I’ve loved pickles since before I can remember. There are pictures of me when I was 4 or 5 and I’m just chomping on some pickles on the merry-go-round in my neighborhood.

I just love em’. So I’m off to make my own pickles!

I get some pickling cucumbers and do what makes sense: add some seasonings, here’s what I get:

– garlic – peppers (1 lg habanero de-seeded, 3 chopped serano, several dried red chilies) – onion – dill

– whole peppercorn

I research a quick pickling process. Boil water, vinegar, salt, sugar til all are dissolved. Add this to jar with cukes and above mentioned seasonings.

tap jar on the counter until all the bubble rise to the surface (get as much air out as possible)

Seal jar tightly.

Pickling “process”: boil a large pot of water. Place sealed jar in for 15 minutes.

This must start the process of breaking down ingredients and letting the flavors mix.

Sit and WAIT 3 weeks!!! Ah the anticipation is killing me. Come on august 9th!!!



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