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I have been a Plucker’s fan since before their decent into Houston. If I am passing through a town that has a Plucker’s, a special stop is scheduled (mainly San Marcos and Austin for me). To keep this short, because there is not much justification needed, Plucker’s is the best wing bar on the face of this planet. I must caveat this with saying if you want sensational gourmet wings, we all must wait for Boheme to open their new kitchen – Chef Rishi Singh is a genius.

Opening a few months ago, and now the media hype died down, I thought it was my turn to write something and not get lost in the noise.  My first thought on Plucker’s in Houston was, “Jeez, finally…” For what was the baron wasteland on the Houston wing front, I’m surprised it took so long, and we only have one Plucker’s. If you know anything about good wings, you have decided, long ago, that Buffalo Wild Wings  (or commonly referred to as BW3) has turned into… crap.  BW3, which I was once a fan of, became so unpredictable in quality and their sauce, now, just tastes like the syrup from a soda fountain.  Thats a side effect of mass production and using high fructose corn syrup as  a main ingredient. The last time I went to BW3, not only was the sauce disappointing, but the wings were small, shriveled and dry from being left in the frier too long.  Too many wrongs here. There are a few hole-in-the-walls or one-offs that serve good wings in Houston, but Pluckers has them beat… Hands down.

What makes Plucker’s so good?  They just are. There’s no hipster chef or gimmicks, they just do it right. After many visits to Pluckers, I was talking with a staff member and said, “I love the Fire-In-The-Hole sauce because it tastes so fresh, with chunks of peppers, as if no factories are involved.”  That employe responded, “It is fresh! Plucker’s makes all their sauces fresh daily.”  Mega PLUS PLUS PLUS there. But aside from that, the wings are always plump, well sized, juicy and so very important, crispy.

Throw in a badass members club and fried mac-n-cheese, it’s just hard to go any place else.  …unless the wait is 90 minutes.

My favorite sauces: (see everything from the menu)

  • Fire in the Hole – only for you true hot-hot fans.  Best melt-your-for-face off “hottest on the menu” sauce anywhere. Dare if you eat habanero on your Cheerios.
  • Bakers Gold – almost like a buffalo spicy honey mustard… but I don’t know – its good
  • Spicy Mandarin – awesome citrus kick
  • Spicy Ranch – this is a dry rub, but it’s like “Cool Ranch Doritos” wings
  • And one must always try the Garlic Parmesan

photo-2-2-e1390881195952-225x300-1I also like to order extra wet too.

When I eat at Pluckers, I feel there is someone behind the scenes saying, “folks, quality is our number one goal”… And I am sure there is.

Stay Hungry, Houston.  Let me know about your Plucker’s experience.


Oh, and Plucker’s, can you try a Mango Habanero and a Caribbean Jerk? Two of my, used to be, faves from BW3, but I wont go there any more – and their sauces have just seriously tanked in the past many years. …or my palette has become “educated”.