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went to viet hoa and couldnt help the urge to stock up on all of the wondrous food. they have a plethora of produce, but for me, its the meats where they really shine!! any fish, cut anyway you could want, aisles of pork, beef and poultry. really – they have anything here you could ever want or need. and its cheap. LOVE IT.

lately i had been craving some tender, juicy, fall apart pork – just wasnt sure how to cook it. so i headed over to the pork selections (full pigs hanging from hooks in the background – YES, this is a real meat shop). i wanted a big (3lb – 5lb) piece, so after looking over a few options, i decided to go with a nice lovely shoulder. @ $1.99/lb the total was $7 give or take some change.

i got home and read through a few things on roasting, i knew that i wanted to roast, but in particular, i wanted to PAN ROAST, which to me is much different. when pan roasting you are with the food from start to end, watching it change shapes, forms, basting if needed, adding if needed, you get the point! you dont just throw it in the oven/crockpot for hours and say voila!

there is a truly special payoff with pan roasting. i started with minced garlic and olive oil in the pan, to open the aroma. once the pan was high enough i added the spice rubbed (made from misc spices around that made sense) pork shoulder. i let the meat brown on each side. once just brown, i added water, cream of mushroom, worchestershire, some boullion, onions, carrots, potatoes, shitake mushroom (the only kind i had at the time). i then let the mixture cook together covered for about 4 hours. i checked it very often, adding salt, pepper, basting the WONDERFUL smelling sauces that were creating!

when it was all said and done i was very happy. it was probably one of my most favorite meals to date. the comfort and warmth you get from a nice roast is priceless. the melt-in-your-mouth carrots, onions, potatoes, the meat that just falls apart, and the sauce that could kill!


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