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Working out, Co-Op, 366 project – OH MY!! Read on….


Hi y’all! Hope you have all been having a lovely year so far. Wow – this year has been so busy so far for me. We started January off with a big move, February…well February just flew by, March, Hannah and I had a fun week in NYC for spring break, and now we’re just settling back into the swing of things.

Now on the food front, I have to say that raw is going pretty good for me. Overall, since the start of the year, I average 75% – 80% raw in my diet. I haven’t branched out into as many new recipes and techniques yet as I would have liked, but that is my goal moving forward. That being said, my raw-ness is pretty straightforward and simple, here is what I eat normally:

  • Breakfast: is almost always a mix of whatever fruit is around. Banana, strawberries, grapes, oranges are typical.
  • Mid-morning snack: handful of pumpkin seeds or just a mix of raw nuts, coconut that I may have put together from the bulk section.
  • Lunch: BIG SALAD here is what i almost always have: LOTS of greens, fresh cilantro, fresh dill, 1 celery stalk, 1/4 cucumber, red onion, tomato, shredded carrots, 1/2 avocado (as the meat). Then its topped w 1/2 a lemon juice, olive oil. I’ll sometimes have made a homemade raw ranch dressing, but that’s only on occasion.
  • Snack: fruit or something I shouldn’t have (like a few starbursts, handful of chips that are around the office) this is where I might sometimes ‘indulge’.
  • Dinner: I might have another salad, or soup. Or I’ll whip up a raw spaghetti, stir ‘fry’, something a little more advanced. Or if I’m feeling like I need some protein I’ll have a fish filet.

So typically that’s what I do. However, you notice that there is still 25% – 20% of the year that wasn’t raw…those are times when I have a few candies, or small handful of M&M, a bite of Adam’s steak, special crab diner, etc. But in the grand scheme of things I feel like I’m getting a lot of good and wholesome foods.

I feel great and I’ve started working out regularly this month and that feels AMAZING. Running, Bike riding, weights, walks w the family, just lots of activity, cardio, etc. For the first time I’m finally back in the work out swing. Love it – can’t wait for it to be several months down the road.

Also, this month, actually this WEEK – 2 days ago on Tuesday 3/20 I picked up my first share from the Rawfully Organic co-op. I LOVED the fresh organic and local food I brought home. I’ll do a post on everything I got and my experience w that, so stay tuned. Very excited to be a part of this co-op, looking forward to meeting more of the group and volunteering too.


So – goals moving forward and for the rest of the year:

  • More green smoothies and juices
  • Experimenting w the dehydrator
  • Continued exercise
  • Recipes for raw desserts

So that’s what’s going on with me.

Oh yea – one more thing I wanted to share, I am doing a 366 project – where you post a photo for every day of the year (yea its 366 bc its Leap Year!!). If you’re interested in checking out my photos here you go! My 366 project – feel free to friend my on Facebook too. I’m loving this project, I take so many photos its a breeze for me, and its fun to look back on.