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I’m a fan of BBQ but I’ve never been that impressed with Houston’s BBQ scene. However there are a few decent places around and lot more starting to pop up. Stef and I were contemplating making a day trip to Lockhart but our good bud, and Houston’s BBQ expert, J.R. Cohen, told us, “Go to Roegel’s”. We did, and the result is I finally found rome really good BBQ in Houston. Thanks J.R.! We met the owner, Russell, who is a super friendly guy. He has such a passion for BBQ.  That passion and his 20 years experience has to be the reason for the awesome BBQ.

Why hadn’t I heard of Roegel’s before? It’s great BBQ and its fairly close to my work. You may have heard of it when it was under the name “The Bakers Rib”. Russell decided to open his own brand, hence the new name. You may also be familiar with the pig face when you drive down Voss. See pic below, that makes me laugh every time I see it.

One reason I was really excited about this place is they serve the large beef rib – smoked to perfection. This is one of my favorite foods. The beef slides easily off the bone and I just hold it with my hands and eat it like a piece of birthday cake topped with BBQ sauce. The fatty brisket juicy and the spicy sausage is totally legit. They offer two different BBQ sauces, spicy and original. I loved the spicy but the original is fantastic as well. BBQ sauce can make or break a restaurant, and Russell’s definitely wins my favorite in Houston.

Recently it seems word has gotten out Roegel’s and you may see a line out the door during weekday lunches. If you want to miss the crowds, evenings and weekends offer an easy cozy experience.

JR had a couple other recommendations for me that I have yet to try, but keep an eye out for those reviews coming soon.

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Check out Roegel’s website.

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