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i eat as i type, so you are experiencing this first hand! i was at the grocery store last night and i realized that it had been quite some time since i’ve had cooked fish. i was all the sudden craving it. so i picked up a nice fresh salmon filet. like most of you, i typically eat fish for lunch or dinner, but i have a lot planned this weekend and figured it might be sunday night til i got around to cooking it – and i just didnt want to wait that long. so why not for breakfast?

i cooked everything really simply, because these ingredients all have wonderful natural flavors – so they don’t need much when cooked properly. seasoned the salmon with some salt and pepper and sauteed it in olive oil until just done. i like my salmon a little on the rare side. the eggs were the same way, salt, pepper and a touch of hot sauce. wheat toast with a pat of butter. and some fresh tomatoes for a refreshing bite.

the components went together perfectly. just the right amount of salt & pepper brought out the amazing buttery taste of the salmon, which absolutely complemented the eggs, toast and simple tomatoes.