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Being from just outside of the Crescent City, I am admittedly biased to many things NOLA (that’s affectionate shorthand for New Orleans, Louisiana, of course). The people are special, and the community is close-knit. The party never ends (pace yourself). The costumes are over-the-top. And no matter which hole-in-the-wall (or fine-dining) establishment you walk into, you stand the chance of putting the best thing you’ve ever eaten into your face.

I have a mental restaurant ranking of some of my favorite foods, and given my aforementioned bias, many of those restaurants tend to be located NOLA-side of the Mississippi River.

Regardless of where I am, I find myself appreciating those little gems where my expectations, high or low, are simply exceeded. Often times, these gems can be in plain sight. Other times they are quietly tucked away waiting to be discovered. When in a “new” city (though new doesn’t apply to my being in Houston anymore), it seems natural to seek out places that feel familiar and are serving the food that you love.

One of my favorite comfort foods is fried chicken, so I could quickly tell you that some of the best you could’ve gotten in NOLA pre-Katrina would’ve come in a saturated brown paper grocery bag out the front door of a house on S. Claiborne bearing the name Alexis Fried Chicken. And now one could argue that Crabby Jack’s fried chicken, which is technically Jacques-Imo’s as the menu reads, would rank right up there (along with amazing poboys), if you can get in during their short business hours.

However, this is Houston, and the options are aplenty and ever growing. Since one of my favorite quick-dine fried chicken spots has made its way into the Houston market, I find myself frequenting it. However, when mentioned in conversation, this place still elicits responses quite contrary to its relative celebrity in its hometown of Baton Rouge. Since I still seem to be favoring my bias, I’ve compelled myself to embark on the relatively unhealthy quest to find the best fried chicken in H-town.

Let the quest for the Holy Grail of Fried Chicken in Houston begin. Houston, who has the best fried chicken?