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Adam – May 24, 2012Posted in: Hot Sauces

Cute label. It attracted me to it. I have a new rule – I should always look at the ingredients before I purchase a hot sauce. Starch in a hot sauce? Acetic acid? No vinegar? Caramel colors? I am not a big fan of anything artificial or any type of preservative in my hot sauces and this one proves that point. See Dick Burn is a goopy bland watery disappointment of a sauce.

I will just give it to you straight from my raw notes:

  • Label gimmick
  • Goopy
  • Watered down (water is second ingredient)
  • Not a lot of flavor
  • Not good at all

Hottness:  Mild – Medium – Hot – Very Hot – No Sir

Wife’s Summary: It sucks!

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