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Posted by Adam Brower on Feb 3, 2010 in Beer & Beverage | 5 comments

[Update:  I don’t really like shiner anymore]

I admit – I am a beer fan.  Bold beers, crisp beers, dark and light beers.  And being from Texas and liking beer, I am a Shiner fan.  I love the original Shiner, especially when I order a pitcher from the draught.  But if you buy the bottles, you have to make sure they are at near freezing temperatures – else it’s just not… the same.

What I love best about shiner is they always have a seasonal beer.  I love to walk into the grocery store and see a new beer I have not tried – it’s almost like a present that has been bestowed upon me.  Not only do they have seasonals, but they also put out an anniversary beer each year!  Well, it must have been Christmas, because today I found Shiner 101.  The 101 is for it’s 101th year anniversary.  A Czech-style pilsner.

As I got home, I popped a new Shiner and headed to the Mac to edit my squid video.  Being distracted from the task I was set to do, I start reading my FaceBook updates and casually sipped from my bottle.  All of the sudden my mind went blank and electric bright supers (or onscreen text) popped into the darkness of my now cleared mind.  It showed, “Bold new complex flavors!”.  I immediately did a double take on my bottle…I know, I am such a dork.  But the impact was so unexpected!  This new shiner is full of complex flavors I was not used to.  My favorite Shiner was the 97.  It’s as if they took that, and raised it up a level – gourmet style.

Stay thirsty Houston – and quench it with a Shiner 101.


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