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Adam & Stef – January 31, 2011Posted in: Beer & Beverage

It’s that time of year again Shiner fans.  Shiner has just released their latest anniversary ale:  Shiner 102 – Double Wheat.  Yes, Shiner beer from Spoetzl Brewery is 102 years old.  Let me preface the rest of this blog with the following statements:

  • I am a Shiner fan.  It comes with the territory:  road trips, BBQ, and Texas music.
  • I am also a fan of the new era American Micro-Brew.  I like hops that come out and bust your face.  But one thing Shiner has ahead of these guys is price point.
  • I learned its best to enjoy Shiner COLD and in a wide mouth glass.

When I am at an american grill (no, I don’t go to Chili’s – something more authentic like Cypress Station Grill or Goodson’s Cafe), I like to order a tall Shiner right off the tap.  It’s easy to drink, not too filling (relative to what I can typically drink), and always crisp.

So now, on to Shiner 102.  Wheat beers are never my first choice, but this is the new Shiner, so let’s take a walk.   I grab my favorite “Bring your own mug, tall beer Wednesdays at the Velvet Melvin” mug and poured a cold one (or two in).  Mmmm, I’m really enjoying this.  Let me reiterate, I like hops – a lot of hops – but visions of spring time warmth and camping began to fill my mind as I sipped outside (current temperature 65 degrees F, our arctic blast comes through tomorrow, which will force me back to a more hearty beer).

The flavor was clean and crisp, but not too light.  It contained enough depth in flavor to keep me interested, but didn’t over power the fried spring rolls I was about to crush.  The label says “Malty Sweet” – don’t let that fool you.  With that, I initially thought of Fat Tire, which is TOO SWEET, but this is a good balance.

Bottom line  – look forward to Spring.  Look forward to warm weather.  When you start sparking up the coals to grill that burger, or maybe even the propane for that first crayfish boil, look to Shiner 102 to give you a nice balanced beer with the right amount of flavor thats not too rich.

Stay thristy Houston, and lets kick off spring with a Shiner 102.  For usually under $7 a six pack, its a smart choice.


P.S.: I am hoping 103 is a “bust you in the face” hoppy beer!