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Adam & Stef – April 11, 2011Posted in: Beer & Beverage, Featured, Outside Houston

Some believe mead is the oldest fermented beverage.  Texas is not close to being old by historical standards, but you may be surprised to find out that you are under two hours away from enjoying history.  Mead is a honeywine made from honey, water, and any other special ingredient to make each batch uniquely enjoyable.   Thanks, to Rohan Meadery (a proud part of the Go Texan campaign), you can easily enjoy finely crafted honeywines right from their tasting room called The Hive.  Located outside the easy going town of La Grange, Rohan Meadery uses local ingredients to produce their handcrafted artisan trade.

John Rohan treated us to four of their offerings:

  • Traditional Mead:  My favorite of the 4, however it was 2 against 4 on this vote.  I was surprised at the taste of this mead.  As you sipped, it felt clean and crisp but also a bit dry at the same time.  But what stood out most was that you could taste quality.  A bottle came home with us.
  • Orange Spice Mead:  If it was late December, this may have been my favorite.  The same quality shined through, but had additional complexities of clove and orange zest.  I really appreciated the flavors, and it’s warmness was bold and rewarding.  I am going back for several bottles later this year.
  • Raspberry Honeywine:  This was pure pleasure.  The sweet flavor offered a celebratory flair to a beautiful spring day in Texas.  Easy to drink, quality was at the forefront reminding you this was not a typical raspberry wine.  I have never had anything quite like it.  A bottle of this also came home.
  • Apple Honewine:  At this point, I realized these folks are for real and can do no wrong.  I’ve had honeywines from other vineyards where they were just a sweet, thick, desert wine.  But I saw many opportunities for this.  Inheriting the same crisp, clean, quality taste, I immediately wanted to pair this with a lemon or blood orange sorbet.

The best part about this surprise gem was the location.  It is located close enough for an easy day trip from Houston, Austin, or even San Antonio.  The road trip scenery alone is beautiful and well worth the drive itself.  While you are out, make it an overnight stay and enjoy hand selected talent of a singer-songwriter at The Bugle Boy or head up to Royers Cafe in Round Top – which is another write-up coming soon.

There is plenty to do out there!  Get out side the city and enjoy living.  Along with an easy roadtrip, these hidden discoveries are life experiences that you should not miss.  Next weekend, get in the car, put your bare feet on the dashboard, turn up the radio and enjoy Texas.

Stay thirsty Houston, there is some good mead to quench an otherwise mundane weekend.