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i like chicken, but unless you are cooking a dark meat like thighs and legs its hard to get a really good flavor. grilled chicken breast are just OK to me – nothing special…until now. i have discovered the very best way to cook a chicken and good news, its very simple!

and the taste is absolutely delicious – rich, smoky, juicy, full of flavor. there is nothing better than a smoked chicken.

all you need is:

  • a whole chicken (which is a very affordable way to buy poultry – $1.00/lb or cheaper)
  • a charcoal grill (like an old smokey)
  • marinating spices/sauces (i’ve been using fresh lemon juice, olive oil, thyme, salt & pepper – but you can use whatever sounds good to you)

and here are the easy steps:

  • butterfly the chicken: i could decribe it, but i think this :30 second video explains it much better:

  • cover the chicken with the marinade, let it sit in the fridge for at least 2 hours

  • GRILL: on a charcoal grill or smoker, build the coals up on one side – this will be “hot” side. place the chicken SKIN DOWN on the hot side for 15 – 20 minutes, until the skin is nice and crispy. then, flip the chicken over and put it skin-side UP on the opposite side of the grill – off of the direct heat. cook the chicken on this side for about 20 minutes and you’re done.

a very simple technique for some amazing tasting chicken. i like to eat it alone, but my favorite way to eat smoked chicken is an a homemade chicken salad. incredible flavors – and a great twist on a simple recipe.