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ok, so i realize that it is summer and i am just now blogging about a spring wine dinner, but with summer vacations and busy schedules, i accidentally let this one get away – but fear not – for i am about to tell you about one of the most decadent and wonderful dinners i have had.

strata quickly became a favorite of ours when we took adam’s son for his birthday. the food was impressive, not to mention that chef john ly is so very talented and hospitable. it’s over by the HP campus off of 249 (in Vintage Park), so we frequently take clients there now too – and they are always equally impressed. here is what was on the menu for the spring wine dinner:

location: strata *be sure to check the site for announcements of future dinners. the Looney Tunes dinner is on August 25th, and sounds fantastic!

wine: wilson daniels

seared scallops it’s hard to get scallops just right, but chef john did not disappoint. the perfect crispy sear and the succulent tenderness of the scallop had a buttery fresh taste.


crispy pork belly w/ heirloom tomatoes, blanched romaine, balsamic reduction & infused olive oil
i think this one was my favorite of the night. basically, a deconstructed BLT, it was surprisingly tasty – i was curious of the blanched romaine, wasn’t sure how it would taste, but it was fantastic. the seared pork belly was absolutely sinful, so rich and intense . it’s like a whole new level of “bacon”…and who doesn’t love bacon? (remember bacon takedown)

honeydew consomme w/ fresh fruit
i have never had anything like this and was very pleased. i can describe it as a fruit soup, the broth would be the “consomme” which was champagne and honeydew melon juice then topped with fresh berries. it makes your lips go “smack!”, very sweet, light and refreshing,

seared duck breast w/ black raisin compote, arugula, yukon gold medallions and fresh chevril i had the duck the first time i went to strata and it was excellent, perfectly rare and tender. the raisin compote went so nicely in this dish, the sweet element really complemented the duck and buttered potatoes.


beef tenderloin w/ cognac reduction, sauteed fennel and mushroom risotto the technique on the beef was impecable, of course rare and tender like the duck, it literally melted in my mouth. i am not a big pasta fan, but i could eat plates and plates of this luscious mushroom risotto. the mushrooms really stood out and i loved the creamy, earthy flavor.


meyer lemon semifreddo w/ vanilla chiffon cake who doesn’t love dessert to wrap up a meal like that? the lemon was perfectly tart yet sweet. the cake and “ice cream” pairing was so comforting and divine,  leaving me wanting more and more!


the entire evening was great, each dish perfectly executed and above and beyond on taste. looking forward to many more great meals at strata.