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hoisin_sriracha-150x150-1Dude.  Sriracha is so 3  years ago.  But that doesn’t mean it is out and we are all moving on to the next trendy sauce that’s soon to fill our Facebook and Instagram feeds.  No, Sriracha got married.  Who’s the lucky bride?  Hoisin.  These two go together better than chocolate and peanut butter, Brad and Jennifer, or even Donny and Marie.  I learned this awesome trick by going to authentic pho restaurants and watching the Vietnamese professionals go to work.  It doesn’t just go in the pho, it is conjured into a magical dip.

mix_hoisin_sriracha-150x150-1So what do you do with this dynamic duo? Well, remember the ketchup and mustard trick in grade school?  Where you mix the two for the awesome orange corn dog dip?  Same thing!  Squirt and mix. Give it a shot, dip your roast beef sandwich in it AH-MAY-zing.  You can add this married couple to tons of things to spice up your life.  Take your normal everyday ramen bowl – give it a pho flair.