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on sunday evenings i like to cook some meats that i can use throughout the week for quick dinners, salads, etc. this week, i had 2 strip steaks and some pork chops. i have tried lots of different things with steak, but this time, i wanted to keep it simple – salt, pepper, garlic powder, italian herbs and a pinch of ground red pepper made a dry rub. i also prepared half of the pork chops this way.

with the other half of the pork chops, i was going to try something new. i butter-flied them first, this increases the surface area and makes marinating more effective. i then soaked them in a teriyaki marinade, and the juice and zest from 1 orange.

i started on a high heat for the grill, to get a good sear. then reduced the heat to medium to finish cooking. the corn was super simple – just trim the top of the husks and throw on the grill. butter and season once you remove them.

i would have to say, that it all came out very well! you have to be really careful when cooking pork as it dries out very easily. for this reason, i didnt leave it on the grill very long at all (10-15 minutes, but this is all depending on meat thickness and grill temps). when its just barely firm to the touch its ready to come off – this is purely subjective though, and as you get to know your grill, you will have a good idea of when its done. if you’re not too familiar with grilling yet, you can always brine pork first in salt water to help retain moisture. (you can only do this with pork and poultry)


the teriyaki/orange pork reminded me of asian dishes – the flavors came together so very well. this would be good in a chinese chop salad!


and the corn was so fresh and tender – the natural taste is just so sweet.


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